My name is Brandon Mayers and I compose music for a variety of artists and vocalists. Feel free to discover more about me on this website.
  • About Me

    i am an award-winning composer best known for my popular music projects and film scores.

    Throughout my career, I have worked with a lot of widely known performers.

    Today I compose music for a variety of projects, even though most of my works are recognized as pop or rock music. I have also worked with advertising agencies, so you may have heard my music on TV.

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    Recording Score for Avalanche TV Series

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  • popular music

  • Brandon Mayers - My Way
  • Emma Lee - Who We Really Are
  • Brandon Mayers - Shine
  • John Wilson - Look at Me
  • 7Dawn - no Way Out
  • Brandon Mayers - Campers
  • Katie Smith - Don’t Exaggerate
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    Work on a new Movie Score is finished!

    I’m proud to announce that I’ve finished my work on the score of Omegaland sequel that will hit cinemas nationwide on July, 1. In this post, you can read some facts about its score.

    male or Female vocalists?

    I have worked with a lot of vocalists during my career. Here are my thoughts on different aspects of work with female and male vocalists with testimonials of singers you may know


    Watch the official video on my recent single “My Way” from the Self-titled forthcoming album

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    My Bio

    Learn More about me and interesting facts from my life and career

  • 2009 - 2019

    After 2009, I decided to try something new and recorded my first album with guest vocalists. This helped me establish my name as one of the leading music composers not only for movies and advertisements but also for commercial music sphere. During that time, I have also received multiple awards for new movie scores and Theme songs that I wrote for various TV shows. Now I’m opening new horizons of music composing that I believe will make my music even more outstanding.
  • 2003 - 2009

    In 2003, I began collaborating with Alex Williams on the score to a new Movie “Relentless”. It was my first experience in composing music for full-feature films. This project helped other movie producers and performers discover my talent of composing music, which resulted in even more noticeable works that took place later.
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